Vision & Mission 

To meet the challenges of emerging scenario in the globalized village knowledge based society and to optimally exploit the new opportunities, India needs sustained result oriented interdisciplinary efforts. These efforts at the highest intellectual level have to be directed towards developmental research, individual empowerment and social change leading to effective strategies for growth with social justice, gender-equity, progress and understanding of scientific processes. We need consultancy of an interdisciplinary nature on specific problems, blending with participatory development paradigms, requiring a time bound solution based programmes and development of a new breed of social and business leaders equipped with skills and ability to acquire new knowledge on their own. 

Anticipating the potential unleashed by liberalization, privatization and globalization of economy with emerging shifts in development paradigms and administration, the Solidarity of the Nation Society was established. The society envisages an educational and social development mission of participatory nature. It believes in networking the knowledge, efforts and expertise available in the fields of various disciplines for providing effective technical advice and execution of developmental action plans. We strongly believe in inter-disciplinary and participatory development paradigms for optimum results and empowerment of deprived, disadvantaged, destitute and marginalized women and children.